The future of business is changing for the better. There is a movement of forward thinking business leaders incorporating purpose and positive impact into their business. Make Impact is a Business for Good Agency here to help this movement grow.


With a background in social innovation, I have always been driven to use design to create positive societal change. One of the biggest challenges to creating change is having the money and resource to do it. This is what drew me to social enterprise over 10 years ago. Social Enterprises are businesses that established to change the world for the better.  I became Director of a social enterprise hub, built the network and developed startup and accelerator programmes to grow the sector. Through this work I began to be approached by companies that weren’t social enterprises. Companies that wanted to make a difference but didn’t know how and I became aware of the huge untapped potential that businesses have to affect change. But what was stopping them? Working with and learning from these companies I found that although many wanted to make change, few knew where to start. Of those that did, they often found the process a challenge; struggling with competing priorities, a disjointed approach and a lack of understanding on how to create meaningful impact. I founded Make Impact to empower companies to use their business as a force for good and to make the process clear, cohesive, measurable and fun.


Every project is different. Whether the project needs an Environmental Consultant, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Wellbeing Coach, Creative Director or Social Entrepreneur, we assemble the right team of talented and inspiring collaborators to make your journey a success.

PURPOSE: Empower companies to use their business as a force for good


  • Passion – Be driven by our passion to create change
  • Ambition – Ambitious for what we and our clients can achieve
  • Collaboration – Collaborate to learn, grow and make more impact
  • Integrity – Act with integrity by being fair, open, ethical and authentic

Make Impact is an agency with big ambitions. We walk our talk. Our purpose is central to everything we do and we aim to create a positive impact for all our stakeholders. We are committed to becoming a social enterprise and a BCorp as we grow and are led by these principles from the start.

We are looking forward to sharing our business for good journey with you in our first Impact Report at the beginning of 2021 which will include the impact we have made, our learning and our ambitions for the future.

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