Design and develop to help users, your business and the environment

1pm – 2pm 25th September 2020, Online


Now more than ever people want to buy from, work for and invest in companies that have purpose and are making a positive impact on the world. Increased environmental awareness has led many companies to pledge to become carbon neutral and find ways to reduce their environmental footprint.

Digital products and services have a significant role in carbon emissions. If the internet were a country it would be the 6th largest consumer of energy on the planet and this consumption is rapidly increasing. By adopting sustainable design principles you can help your clients to reduce their carbon footprint and deliver improved SEO, better conversion rates, faster load times, increased accessibility, enhanced user experience and positive brand reputation.
But how do you design digital products and services more sustainably? And how can your company become a force for good?

Join host Fiona Ras-Jones of Make Impact, an agency empowering companies to make their business as a force for good, and guest Tom Greenwood of Wholegrain Digital web design agency, industry leaders in digital sustainable design and creators of the Sustainable Web Manifesto and Website Carbon Calculator.

  • Explore purpose and how making your company a force for good can benefit your business
  • Find out about the environmental impact of the web and discover the benefits of sustainable design for your business, clients and the environment
  • Learn sustainable digital product design principles
  • Get practical ideas on how to start taking action

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Host – Fiona Ras-Jones, Founder + Director at Make Impact -Make Impact works with growing companies who want to lead with purpose and make their business a force for good. Helping you to transform your organisation to create measurable positive impact that benefits society and unlocks your business innovation and growth potential.

Guest – Tom Greenwood, Co-Founder and MD of Wholegrain Digital – Wholegrain Digital is a sustainable web design agency and BCorp with clients including UNICEF, London School of Economics and Network Rail. They are industry leaders in web sustainability and performance, helping to shift the industry towards a zero-carbon future. Creators of the Sustainable Web Manifesto and Website Carbon Calculator(currently nominated for a Digital Leaders Award in the Tech for Good Category).


This event is for forward thinking digital leaders, designers and developers who want to learn about how their business can be a force for good through sustainable software design and development to reduce CO2 emissions and improve customer experience.


For more information on being purpose led and making your business a force for good contact us.

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